About Us office


The Office of Iqbal College plays a very effective role by providing various services and facilities to the students and the staffs to enrich the academic atmosphere on the college campus.


Sl.NoNameDesignationPhone Number
1Mrs. N. AzeenaSuperintendent (Jr.)9496203343
2Mr. M. H. SajithshawHead Accountant9447657141
3Mrs. Arshad Beegum J JUD Clerk (Hr. Gr.)9446519454
4Mrs. Nazeem Beegum SUD Clerk (Hr. Gr.)9446614543
5Mr. S. NaseemudeenLD Clerk (Hr. Gr.)9446172349
6Mrs. J. Shahida BeeviComputer Assistant (Hr. Gr.)9446218847
7Mr. Aneez U STechnical Assistant9446414312
8Mr. Muhammed SiyadMechanic9946843924
9Mr. A. ThahakunjuHerbarium Keeper (Hr. Gr.)9495153084
10Mr. S. SalimLab Assistant (Hr. Gr.)9446285086
11Mr. J. NizarudeenLab Assistant (Hr. Gr.)9846258013
12Mr. A. NazeerudeenrLab Assistant (Hr. Gr.)9946134168
13Mr. A. ShujadLab Assistant (Hr. Gr.)9526348039
14Mr. M. RahimLab Assistant (Hr. Gr.)9744304101
15Mr. Faizal Khan SOffice Attendant9446111921
16Mr. Mohammed Shan V TOffice Attendant9048212187


Sl.NoNameDesignationPhone Number
1Mrs. Dhanysree A RLibrarian (UGC)9946098049
2Mr. T. Mohammed AshrafLibrary Assistant (Hr. Gr.)9745190109
3Mr. I. AsharafLibrary Assistant (Hr. Gr.)9846281559