Studentsupport SC/ST OBC Cell


A special cell has been constituted in the College in the year 2011 to assist the students from Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Other Backward Communities, in improving their academic performance and extracurricular activities and in optimizing their development in their personal and social life at the College and the community level for the strict implementation of reservation policy as per UGC guidelines.

The Cell ensures the effective implementation of the policies and programmes of the Government of India, UGC and State Governments with regard to SC/ST and other backward classes. It also suggests measures for achieving the objectives laid down by the various government agencies. The Committee meets frequently and the decisions arrived at is mandatory to be implemented.

Chairman: : Principal
Convener : Dr P Anilkumar (Assistant Professor, Dept. of History)
Members : Mr Kiran C G (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics)
Dr Adabiya (Assistant Professor, Dept. of History)
Dr Anas (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Politics)
Dr Sajeena Muhammed (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Zoology)

Effective implementation of policies and programmes laid down by UGC and the Government for the SC, ST & OBC groups and help them by providing academic and allied assistance in order to achieve equality and social justice.


To accelerate academic and social performance and provide other measures to the upliftment of targeted groups.
To provide opportunity and facilities to the targeted groups for bringing them in the mainstream.


The main objectives of the CELL are as follows;

1. To maintain the reservation policy for SCs/STs and OBCs in the College.
2. To make active participation in the follow up measures for attaining the objectives laid down by the Government and the UGC.
3. To disseminate and counsel SC/ST & OBC students of the college to utilize the benefits of the schemes offered by the Government and UGC.
4. To mould the targeted groups through capacity building programmes.


Post-Admission Orientation

Counselling sessions are given to the students after they are getting admitted in various courses. The thrust area includes course curriculum, selection of open course, socialization of new environment on the campus and various facilities available to them.

Remedial Coaching

Remedial classes are conducted on demand of the targeted groups for strengthening their academic excellence.

Capacity Building Programmes

Provide classes for improving language skills, computer literacy, communication skill, personality development, writing and presentation skills and career development

Grievances Redressal

The targeted groups can approach the Convener and members of the Cell at any time for redressal of any grievances regarding academic, administrative or social problems. The members will meet the concerned students, understand their problem and take necessary action and/or render them necessary advice or help to resolve the matter.